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Seniors Remember and Compare The Great Depression to Today's Economic Crisis

The economy is all over the news these days. Many say it's the worst the U.S has seen since the Great Depression. It's a stressful time for most Americans, but NewsChannel 11 sat down with some folks who look at today's troubling economy and say, been there, done that. "At that time, everything had really gone in really bad shape," said John Rogers.

Today times are tough, but for some residents at Carillon Senior Community they aren't that bad. They have a different view than most people because they lived through the Great Depression. Rogers lived in New York City at the time. "As a kid, at that time I went to school for lunch time and that was where I had my meal for the day as a general rule. That's all there was available," he said. 

Other Great Depression survivors lived in rural areas where they could grow their own food.  Each person we spoke with had different experiences during the 1930's, but they all agree on one thing. It was a traumatic time for the country, but they don't remember feeling depressed during the depression. "I was happy because our parents cared for us. They made us feel like everything was gonna be alright," said Rene Flatt. 

"We were poor, but I didn't realize we were poor because everybody else was the same way in the community," added T.H. Holmes who spent those years on a farm in West Texas. 

They look at today's recession with a sense of optimism. "Am I frightened? Well, I'm concerned, but I'll bet you we pull through it," said Holmes.

With a lifetime of experience, they have this advice for those at the heart of the economic downfall: keep working hard, and realize you can do with less material possessions.

"I think we have to sit back and take what we have, use it properly and not worry about the changes coming up because it will get better. It'll be some time, but we can figure it will happen," says Rogers. For Your Cell Phone
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