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Texas Coverage 10.21

A 300 foot pillar of black smoke towered over southeast Houston on Monday. The smoke is from a huge fire at an abandoned three acre tire dump. Officials blame the fire on car thieves who set fire to a stolen car near the entrance. The heat from the fire ignited the tires, which are piled as high as 65 feet in some areas. It took firefighters more than an hour to lay hoses before they could begin to battle the blaze. Officials say the fire could burn for several days.

In Galveston, police arrested six boys, all younger than 12, for killing a cat. Police say it happened Sunday night when the boys pelted the cat with concrete chunks. An officer found it hanging in pieces on a fence. None of the boys explained why they killed the cat. They are expected to face a judge this week.

A Midland family has filed a civil suit against grocery chain HEB for the wrongful death of two family members. The Jobe family claims 38 year-old Buddy Jobe and his 13 year-old son Zachary were killed due to the negligence of a drunk HEB employee, who was returning from a company meeting in Abilene. Family attorneys say HEB is criminally negligent. Alleging the company has a history of tolerating employees drinking on the job. HEB is not expected to settle out of court. The trial is expected to last a month.

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