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Another Reason to Give up Cigarettes

A study of 1,500 Colonoscopy patients compared smoking history to the rate and the size of the polyps found. They discovered 25%, or 1/4, of smokers had colorectal polyps compared to 19% of those who had smoked, but quit, and 17% percent among non-smokers. The study also showed the polyps of smokers were larger in size than those of non or ex-smokers.

Researchers told the American College of Gastroenterology that this indicates smoking is as much a predictor of polyps as family history, and that smokers should be screened earlier than age 50, the age recommended to begin screening for Colon Cancer.

This study was conducted by researchers at Stony Brook University. It is being presented at the 67th annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology.

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