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Consider This... DTV Delay

If you're like me, all of this digital-tv talk has become flat out confusing.

First broadcasters were told they had until February 17th to educate viewers on the big switch. Now, pending the president's signature, that date has been moved to June 12th.  You've got some stations that will go ahead and turn their traditional analog signal off and only broadcast digitally.

So consider this, if you're a NewsChannel 11 viewer, I'm happy to say that nothing will change for you next week. NewsChannel 11 has been broadcasting analog tv since 1953. We' were also the first station in Lubbock to start broadcasting digitally back in 2002.  Now, we will continue to broadcast both until June 12th.

We want to give every viewer more time to get ready. There are about 1,500 households that are still waiting for a coupon. Not to mention the hundreds more that haven't bought a converter box or hooked it up yet. And now, you've got a little more time to make the switch and still receive your favorite NewsChannel 11 programs.  

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