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Library closure comes after worker's compensation complaint

City of Lubbock officials say the books at the Godeke Library are not contaminated with mold. At the end of January, we told you the library would close due to mold. But as NewsChannel 11 found out that discovery and the closure of the library comes on the heels of a worker's compensation complaint.

There are rows and rows of fairy tales and mystical lands, all moving into a box. The library director says Lubbock County inmates began to box up more than 80,000 Godeke books and other items on Monday. The culprit, we're told, is a type of fungus.

NewsChannel 11 asked, "Is that an area where you guys found mold growth?" Lubbock Director of Facilities Wes Everett replied, "That's one of the first areas. That was not originally visible when we did some of our primarily investigations."

Everett says an outside consultant found two areas of mold. However, neither may have ever been found without a Godeke employee's workers compensation complaint. "It came to me as an indoor air quality complaint," Everett said.

Everett says he launched an investigation around the beginning of December. Nearly two months later the city announced it would close these doors of nearly 30 years.

NewsChannel 11 asked if the mold was black mold. "We do not know that. We do not know what kind. We know we have mold growth," Everett said.

"So are you testing for that," NewsChannel 11 asked. "Currently under a lot of the, I guess, standard operations for consultants when they come in they find it, they know that there is mold and that it shouldn't be there and it needs to be remediated.

To do so Everett says an outside consultant will conduct a more in-depth investigation, which could include cutting into walls and pulling off wall cover. Something Everett says could potentially contaminate these library materials if not removed, which means those like Melissa Roberts will now have use a different library. "It's close to my house. When is it going to reopen?" It's closed indefinitely, we told her. "Wow," said Roberts.  

The library director says due to space issues, the books will be put in storage while the DVD's went to other libraries. She expects the packing process to be complete by the end of the week. Meanwhile, Everett tells us once the consultant can go back in the library he hopes to get a better picture of just how much mold is in the building.

So if you borrowed items from the library those can be returned to any other public library location: For Your Cell Phone
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