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Getting Pregnant after Getting Off the Pill

Women who have been on the pill for at least five years, are 5% more likely to conceive in the first six months of trying than women who have never been on the pill. But you can not count on it working that way for everyone.

"If a woman has normal fertility when she goes on the pill, she is going to have the same fertility once she comes off it. It's only people who have some conditions that may be improved by being on the pill for a while, who are going to look like they're getting pregnant faster," says Dr. Machelle Seibel, a Fertility Specialist.

Those conditions include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Anemia, which is low iron and irregular cycles

The pill protects against all of these conditions, which can affect a woman's fertility. Even so, doctors suggest women should wait a couple months after taking the pill before trying to conceive, because it takes a little while for a woman's hormones to re-balance after stopping the pill. There are other factors that do take a toll on fertility. They include smoking and being overweight.

You can find this study in the journal, "Human Reproduction".

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