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City of Lubbock Resolution Limiting Public Information for Security

Resolution Supporting Legislation to Limit Disclosure of Information Beneficial to Terrorist Organizations

Whereas, the citizens of Texas municipalities may be targeted in future terrorist attacks as were the citizens or New York City on September 11th, 2001; and

Whereas, Texas municipalities are beginning to take actions to thwart such attacks in the future both by local initiative and by requirements of new state and federal laws regulations that either have been or will be enacted to respond to terrorist activities; and

Whereas, disclosure of specific details of anti-terrorist response activities and plans to anyone who asks with no ability to determine why such person needs sensitive information contained in such plans will jeopardize the effectiveness of such plans.

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Delegates assembled at this 2002 annual conference of the Texas Municipal League:

That the Texas Municipal League adopt this resolution to seek the introduction of and support the passage of legislation amending Chapter 551 and 552 of the Texas Government Code to assist municipalities in protecting significant details of anti-terrorist responses, activities and plans developed as a result of the September 11th, 2001, tragedy in New York City from potential terrorist groups.

Passed and Approved by the membership of the Texas Municipal League on this _______ day of _____, 2002.



Frank J. Sturzl,
Executive Director

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