Coach Leach's agents make counteroffer to Texas Tech

Potential good news for Texas Tech football fans. NewsChannel 11 has learned of renewed efforts between Mike Leach's agents and Texas Tech to come to an agreement. Leach's agents have made a counteroffer to Texas Tech.

Remember, a few days ago the two sides were at a stalemate over four issues. The counteroffer basically deals with those four things.

  1. Tech would reduce the amount of severance pay if Leach were to be fired "without cause."
  2. Coach Leach could still get out of his contract early but at a higher cost
  3. Leach has to ask permission before doing any job interviews with other schools.
  4. Leach has to allow Tech to sell his name & likeness to third parties, presumably for licensed products like t-shirts, ball caps & such.

The counteroffer softens the four items but doesn't get rid of them entirely. It's now up to Tech to respond.

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