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A cure for the common cold in the works

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Researchers working together at several institutions announced Thursday that they have decoded the genes of the rhinovirus, that's 99 separate strains of what cause the common cold.  Even better, they have found the weak link, which means they have a target now that may lead them to finding a true cure for colds.

Dr. Stephen Liggett of the University of Maryland says, "Over a three year period of time we have sequenced the entire genome over all known rhinoviruses.  We had a few pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle.  We found all the pieces and put them all together so now we have a pix and the best thing to describe it is we know what to do with it".

Dr. Liggett, who is part of this cold discovery, says they know now that the common cold is not as common as we think.  Instead, its structure is so complex that finding a single drug to treat it may be hard to do but at least we are on the way.

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