Tech to release statement Friday on Leach's contract counter offer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - More developments are not far off in the dispute between Texas Tech and Coach Mike Leach.

The Athletic Department says Friday morning Gerald Myers will have a written statement on Mike Leach's contract counter offer. Based on sources from both sides, we can say that Tech's statement will not announce they've reached an agreement.

About the counter offer, Texas Tech did not release a copy to NewsChannel 11 yet, but ESPN says they have some details already. They say it's the same as the Texas Tech offer but without four controversial items we've been covering all week. Others tell NewsChannel 11 it does have some tweaks in the 4 points of contention Leach is not in the country. He's in Europe for a prior commitment.

We will continue to follow this developing story and will keep you up to date as details come available.