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Catch-A-Bubble: Does It Work?

Mrs. Garnder's fourth grade class at Bayless Elementary School decided to do their own Does It Work? in the classroom.

"Because on Does It Work?, Mrs. Garnder says not many tests have kid things. In fact none -- come on. We thought we would do something on it, and write a persuasive paper on it," said fourth grader Abigail Ham.

Abigail and her classmates will test out the Catch-A-Bubble.

"It's supposed to, like in the picture, it's supposed to stack up onto your fingers," Abigail explained.

"This is Catch-A-Bubble. It's the bubble you can catch. I looked at it and saw the commercial for it and thought it was a hoax, and it would pop just like Mr. Bubble," said fourth grader Tanner Brown.

Mrs. Garnder's class showed us how Catch-A-Bubble works. Tanner got the test going for us.

"Any one got sharp finger nails?," he asked.

Fourth grader Nicholas Villanueva tells us what the instructions say.

"You're supposed to wait two to three seconds so it can harden, that way the air will make it even harder so it won't pop in your hands like Mr. Bubble," said Nicholas.

And after blowing the contraption a few times, the students were able to start stacking. And even the bubbles started stacking wherever they wanted, like on the students' faces and glasses.

Students were able to stack bubbles upright on their hands. Finally, the kids pointed out why the bubbles never pop -- because they are made with a different solution that is somewhat elastic.

So, we all agreed on one thing about Catch-A-Bubble. It works!

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