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No More Periods?

At Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu, 143 women on active duty in the Army or National Guard were asked in a survey if they would like to skip their periods for a period of time. It is probably no surprise to women that 86% said yeah. Great idea.

Then later, in response to a different question, 54% said they were not aware that birth control pills on the market could help them do that. Aside from travel overseas, there are other reasons a woman might want to eliminate some of their periods.

It is called Period Supression and it can help reduce menstrual migraines and mood swings. Dr. Patricia Sulak at Scott & White Clinic in Temple, Texas, says it is safe to skip some periods under a doctor's watchful eye. "We think it's going to be an option that many women are going to choose. Now with their own pills, or with new pills that will be coming on the market," says Dr. Patricia Sulak, an OB/GYN.

"I usually go about three months and then I start to get a little break through and then I quit taking them for four or five days and then get right back on them again," says Karen Matous, a patient.

Karin says her doctor suggested she skip some periods because of extreme PMS. Dr. Sulak says Period Supression does not affect fertility and can also be achieved with Depo Provera shots or a hormone releasing intrauterine device, which is an IUD. But do not just try this on your own. Dr. Sulak says make sure you talk to your doctor first if you are interested in skipping some periods to see if that is a reasonable option for you.

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