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Product safety law already hurts local business

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Tuesday, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act went into effect. It states products for children 12 and under cannot be sold until they have been lead tested.  At first Lubbock's Cycle Shack thought it was exempt from this strict law, but after realizing they qualified, they have already turned away customers.

Since Tuesday they were forced to turn away about a dozen people interested in motorized bicycles and clothing for their children 12 and under.  "It's not our whole business luckily, it's not our whole livelihood, it is a large portion of it though and definitely it affects," said Cycle Shack Manager Jake Tucker.   

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act means that all products for children 12 and under cannot be sold if they contain lead levels of more than 600 parts per million. "I didn't really put together the fact that it was going to effective bikes they have seemed to be exempt from everything," said Tucker. 

Tucker says just three weeks ago he learned his motorcycles fell under this mandate.  "It seems like the government was trying to do somewhat of an admirable thing to stop some things that could be really dangerous for kids but instead of pin pointing those items, they just kind of threw a blanket over not just one industry but a whole segment of our economy," said Tucker. 

If a small adult needed a smaller motorcycle, one made for a child 12 and under, Tucker says he couldn't make the sell. "They might be 60 years old and as far as we understand it they couldn't even purchase one from us," said Tucker.   

Tucker says he has a lot of unanswered questions, but contacting the consumer product safety commission is not easy.   He has left messages and sent emails with no response.   All he wants is some answers to help save more than a quarter of his business.

This law states any product made before February 10th 2009 for a child 12 and under must have a label saying it passed lead test standards.   

NewsChannel 11 had trouble contacting the Consumer Product Safety Commission; we were told to leave a message and haven't heard anything back.

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