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City Manager Gets Annual Review

The city council's annual review of City Manager Bob Cass is underway and council members appear to be tightening the reigns. Cass' annual review started this week. The council is mapping out its directives for Cass. The new council says it plans to be much more involved in the city's business than previous councils.

"I think this council has a different philosophy when it comes to how in-depth we want to get with the budget and with finance. This is certainly a different direction from the previous council. We just need to make sure we're clear with Bob on the direction we want to take and that's where we are," Marc McDougal, Mayor of Lubbock.

Mayor Marc McDougal says this council will be setting a new direction for Cass on a number of matters including water, pipeline, budget and user fee issues. The council says it will set clear-cut directives for Cass and hold him to them. They also plan to look at his review from last year and gauge his progress.

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