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Victim's son speaks out after Friday morning stabbing

Source: Lubbock Police Department Source: Lubbock Police Department

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) NewsChannel 11 sat down with the son of the stabbing victim for a new perspective on what left 46-year-old Susan Perez, and 33-year-old Jacob Mojica seriously injured.

Eric Perez had a lot to say about the stabbing that left his mother and her boyfriend with serious injuries. When emergency responders arrived at 42nd and Chicago, both Perez and Mojica's conditions looked bleak.

But Saturday, as Susan Perez recovered, her son said he wanted answers.

He said, "When I saw my mom, she asked me for a pen, and all she put on there was, ‘why did Robert do this?"

Eric also states, "And that's what I would have asked him. Why did he do this to her? You know, she didn't deserve this."

Eric Perez said he was stunned when he heard about the stabbing which left his mother with multiple wounds, including one to the throat. Tough and strong was how he described his mother who until Saturday, needed a breathing monitor at Covenant Medical Center to survive.

"I hope that for what he did to my mom and my mom's boyfriend, I hope that he gets what he deserves. I hope he never gets out," Eric Perez said.

When Perez visited his mother, she asked when she could go home, but her injuries keep her hospitalized. The other victim, Jacob Mojica, is currently in serious condition at University Medical Center. Eric Perez says there have been many rumors about the stabbing, but he hopes to bring light to one of those.    

"The other day it was said that it was a lovers' triangle, and it was not a lovers' triangle. She had been trying to get away from him for so long, and he would never leave her alone.  She ended up moving on, and these are the consequences she got from moving on from him," he said.

Robert Joe Mata, 39, the ex-boyfriend of Susan Perez, is held on half a million dollar bond after his arrest in Brownfield last night. He faces charges of a first-degree felony, so if found guilty, he could face five to 99 years or life in prison. 


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