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More food recalls after Salmonella linked to Plainview plant

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Monday, Heavenly Candy Company and Albertson's both recalled products made with peanuts from the Plainview peanut plant after the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment linked six cases of salmonella to the Plainview business. This is just one more blow to the Peanut Corporation of America who Congress believes is responsible for hundreds of cases of Salmonella, some of them deadly.

NewsChannel 11 sat down and talked with a local attorney, Nick Olguin, who successfully took on Bumble Bee Foods in another food borne illness case. He thinks this issue is so high profile it will be fairly easy for a plaintiff to prove their case and win in court, but it won't be easy to get paid. The Peanut Corporation of America declared bankruptcy last week, so Olguin says it will be a long time, if ever, before victims get anything from the company.

Olguin also says he would like to see new laws to make information about food safety investigations more readily available to the public. "The reform needs to be in the information that's available to the public. The government makes it very hard for you to get information about these types of cases and their investigation," he says. 

Olguin says it's common to be denied access to information if a case is still under investigation, and he thinks new access laws would help people gain knowledge and information about possibly dangerous products before it's too late.

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