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Food for Thought Report 10.24

This week, inspectors checked out 30 local food establishments. Our menu does not include any Low Performers this time. We have just one Top Performer to tell you about. It's part of a long time Lubbock Mexican food chain that can command quite a line of customers waiting for those famous burritos. Let's help ourselves to a bite or two of this week's edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought.

They've wrapped up a perfect score with zero critical violations, and that makes Josie's #4 at 1308 50th Street a Food for Thought Top Performer. "It's good food, fast, friendly people, get em in and get em out," says Manager Jackie Stewart.

Stewart says her excellent staff is up to the challenge of keeping this restaurant clean and running smoothly, and she wouldn't settle for less. "Oh I stay on them 24/7. Making sure they keep it clean and when you mess up something go clean it, get down to your business," says Stewart.

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