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Lubbock Reacts to Sniper Capture

"Is it really the person?" says concerned citizen, Mary Ann Johnson. That was the question on everyone's mind Thursday morning as people across Lubbock watched the 'latest' news on the Washington area sniper capture.

"Shortly after 3:30 on Thursday morning, the tactical response team arrested two individuals who were sleeping in that vehicle, they were taken into custody without incident, they are described as African American males," says Major Greg Shipley, of the Maryland State Police. The men are 41-year-old ex soldier John Allen Muhammed, and his 17-year-old step-son John Lee Malvo.

The charge? Possible involvement in the murder of 10 people and critically wounding three others. "In a way I feel a release yet I have a resentment of what they've done," says Johnson. Texas Tech student, Stacey Russell, says today's news is indeed a step forward.. But she still has her doubts.

"I'm relieved because they're actually making efforts to go out and capture these people, but unless hard evidence is found and there's no new attacks I'm skeptical," says Russell.

Perhaps what's most upsetting is that John Allen Muhammed is an American Army veteran, who served in the Gulf war. "If he did and he fought for us, he's American, what other Americans are willing to do this and how can they call themselves Americans," says Tech student, Ricardo Faurzan.

Officials say military veteran, John Allen Muhammed held the decoration of m-16 expert. This is the highest badge, even 'above' that of a sharpshooter. Muhammed and Malvo could be charged with six counts of first degree murder. By the way, even though both are in custody..Maryland officials haven't ruled out the possibility of accomplices.

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