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Rain Threatens to Ruin Record Cotton Crop

The recent rain is threatening this year's crop. "We probably have about 50% of our crop harvested with the rest still in the field, just north of us their probably about 15% harvested and the weather that we're having right now is really going to be costly," says Kris Thomas, of Lubbock Cotton Growers Gin. Thomas says rain weakens the quality of the cotton fiber. 

The good news is, according to producers and their legislatures, this years crop is a record crop. "A record crop because we have good growers, because we've had good moisture, because we have a lot of technology advances that were implementing and transferring into the field to help us grow cotton better and also and I think critical is that fact that we have a Boll Weevil Eradication Program that's working," says Robert Duncan, U.S. Senator.

Representatives say this years crop is a success thanks to the partnership between producers, the state and federal government. "Everybody in this room knows that if weren't for cotton on the high plains there wouldn't be any reason for any of us to be here, it is the driving economic engine for this area and when cotton does well the entire area does well," said State Representative, Carl Isett.

So after years of battleing bugs and weather, if the rain stops it looks like this year will pay off.

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