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Consider This... Get the Deal Done!

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So the deadline for Coach Mike Leach to sign a new contract has come and gone, and still no word on whether football fans will even have a coach next season.

What we've got here is a good coach coming off the best season in school history, a coach whose offense makes his team one of the most exciting to watch in the country, a coach who wants to stay in Lubbock and a heck of a lot of momentum for next year. What we also have is a coach who doesn't want to deal with the athletic director and an athletic director who doesn't support the football coach. Consequently, you get what we've got - a big mess!

So consider this, leaders at Texas Tech should put both the Leach agents and the athletic director on ice and get this deal done. Chancellor Kent Hance has a big opportunity to see that cooler heads prevail and Texas Tech fans see a good thing continue. Football is the bright spot for tech athletics right now and to mess with that by letting Coach Leach be fired or leave just makes no sense at all!

It's time we say "thank you for your service" to Athletic Director Gerald Myers, but it's time we get a new A.D. who supports a winning football coach as much as he does a winning basketball coach. 

I hope the chancellor and the regents can save the day, get a deal done, and keep the stands full!!!!

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