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Leach speaks to supporters at rally

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) - A crowd of more than 60 gathered outside of Jones AT&T Stadium to rally around a coach they love.

"We've never had a better season than this last year," said Leach supporter Fred Howell. 

Many spoke their mind about why they hope Leach should stay. "Let's keep him and I hope the Tech Athletic department reduces or relaxes some of their restrictions in their contract," said Leach supporter Rod Blackburn. 

"Mike Leach brings so much to our school and it's not even football it just brings the attention media wise, he is the craziest coach is college football and he is the best coach in college football and it would be ridiculous if we did not resign him," said Leach supporter Daniel Supporter. 

"My dad was an assistant coach for the Tech football team from 01-06. I never met a greater coach someone who was a better motivate that the players loved more than coach Leach. I say keep him give him what he wants and the sky is the limit," said Leach supporter Aaron Brown.   

Even Mike Leach himself showed up to address the crowd. "The biggest thing that attracts our recruits here and attracts our players here and makes it exciting to coach here is you guys in the stands and we are excited about being involved with you folks so one game after the next," said Leach. 

He said he looked forward to coaching next season, but did not discuss signing a new contract. "Right now I just figure I'm going to finish out my current contract," said Leach. 

TTU Athletic Director responds to Leach counter offer
Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers has released a statement regarding the latest in contract negotiations between the university and Head Coach Mike Leach.

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