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HealthWise at 5 for 2.18

Brain Activity and Aging

Keeping your brain active during middle age may keep your memory intact during old age.  A study out of the Mayo Clinic looked at nearly 200 elderly adults with mild memory loss, and they compared them to over a thousand adults with no memory trouble.  The researchers found people who read magazines and were socially active during middle age were 40% less likely to develop memory loss in their senior years.

The study also showed keeping mentally active well into old age, by reading books, playing games and participating in computer activities, significantly lowered the risk for memory loss.

Newborn Genetic Screening

Babies in nearly every state and Washington, DC, are screened for a majority of serious genetic disorders, according to a new March of Dimes report.  The screening process involves pricking the heel of a newborn, then testing these few drops of blood for diseases like sickle cell anemia, and PKU, which occurs when the body cannot process food properly.  The report shows that in 2005, 38% of babies were born in states that required screening for at least 21 of 29 such conditions.  In 2008, that percentage had risen to nearly 100%.

Plastic Surgery Recession

Job seekers may try to make themselves a more attractive candidate for jobs- not just on a resume, but in the mirror, as well.  A new survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons finds 13% of working women say they would consider plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedure because they feel it would give them an edge in marketplace.  The survey of 800 women showed that 73% of them believe a youthful appearance plays a part in being hired or getting a promotion.

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