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Cold Weather Presents Silent Killer Risk in Your Home

You can not see it, you can not smell it, but it can kill you, and with Lubbock temperatures dropping, your chances of being affected are greater than ever. "Hi, I'm going to do your Carbon Monoxide check," says service technician, Mike Tyson.

Tyson is trying to save someone's life. "It only takes about 15 minutes to do a Carbon Monoxide check"

"You can have Carbon Monoxide coming from any kind of heat producing equipment that's not electrical, even your fireplace gives off some carbon monoxide," says Lubbock Fire Lieutenant Mark Etheridge.

Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly. The poisonous gas is produced when heating equipment like certain stoves, burn inefficiently. For example, a proper flame is supposed to be a blue flame, but what you don't want is a lazy yellow flame like the one you would see at the top of a lit match.

Etheridge says there are ways to detect Carbon Monoxide in your home. A Carbon Monoxide alarm works similar to a smoke detector. You can also, have a service technician like Mike check to make sure your heating equipment is running well. "Make sure you don't have any kind of leaks from your vent pipes," says Tyson. And as winter arrives in West Texas, Mike says now is the time to take to precaution.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to having the flu. This means you have a headache, maybe you are nauseous. If you have these symptoms and you can't attribute it to anything else, and you suspect you have a Carbon Monoxide problem call the Lubbock Fire Department at (806) 775-26-35. They will do a free carbon monoxide test on your home.

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