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More tips for avoiding stroke

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Earlier this week, the International Conference of the American Stroke Association said that the more coffee you drink, up to six cups a day, the lower your risk of stroke.  However, drinking coffee may not help if you live in a neighborhood with lots of fast food restaurants.

A study from the University of Michigan finds a 13% increased risk for stroke in neighborhoods with lots of fast food restaurants nearby.  Researchers didn't even study what the people ate, just noted an association between stroke risk and neighborhoods with fast food temptation close to home.  The bottom line is, according to these studies, is that the next time you stop at a drive through, you might be better off by skipping the fries and ordering coffee.  

To be fair, though, the National Council of Chain Restaurants says that many fast food places have worked hard to include healthy options on the menu like salads, milk, and apples. 

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