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Hot Check Writers Beware!

It's a wake up call you definitely don't want to get early on a Saturday morning.

"Sir, I'm gonna open the door. We're the police," district attorney's office hot check investigator, Will Calfin calls out to a resident.

He and his partner, Lynn County Sheriff's Deputy Jerry Franklin, are out on a hot check writer's round up.

"What's happening here today is we've got a list of people with warrants. We'll find them, bring them in. If they can come up with the money to get it taken care of, we'll let them. We'd certainly rather have the money than put anybody in jail," says Calfin.

Police from the DA's office, DPS, and various county sheriff's departments make up Saturday morning's hot check task force. Police call it a hot check raid.

"We got one here," says Calfin.

Hot check writers call it something else.

"This is bull," says a woman being arrested for hot checks.

For police officers, these raids happen at random, but for Officer Calfin, it's an everyday job.

"It doesn't get old for me. It's a new surprise everyday," says Calfin.

You see, Calfin is Lubbock County's only hot check investigator, but he alone is making a difference in catching criminals.

"Maybe two or 300 this year, I really don't know that I could put a number on it," says Calfin.

He says there are thousands of hot check criminals just in Lubbock County alone and with him as the only, everyday hot check task force, it's hard to catch them all, and if he runs into a dead end, he tries again.

"It's frustrating. We have to research some more, cover all our bases. Make sure we've located all the recent addresses we can -- just keep knockin' on doors," says Calfin.

The Hot Check Task Force knocked on more than 200 doors on Saturday. Many hot check writers were taken into custody. Police will continue to do raids like these in the future at random to help catch hot check writers. Hot check writing is considered a Class C misdemeanor.

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