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Message claiming “suspicious activity on your bank account” circulates Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An important American State Bank notice suspicious authorization toll free is what Lubbockites read on their phones from an anonymous sender.

American State Bank says they received anywhere between 300-500 phone calls from folks who received the message. "Again it's important to understand these messages are not originating from here and time and time again we urge people whenever they are contacted by a suspicious phone call or text message asking to divulge account information over the phone, that it is not your bank calling you. They've got that information," said Greg Jones with American State Bank.   

If you called the number in the text message, this is what you heard:

"Welcome to Custom General Protection Department. Please follow the next steps to verify your account you may be asked to provide three additional pieces of information which are linked to your account."

It's the latest wave of "phishing" or "smishing" with a text message to buzz throughout the Hub City, and the Better Business Bureau says Sprint customers were targeted. "The big thing about a phishing scam is the phisher is trying to steal financial information from you such as credit card, bank account, social security number, or anything that will identify you," said Nan Campbell with the Better Business Bureau. 

Bank officials say if you gave any information out you should de-activate your account immediately. "It's unfortunate that hackers, scanners and smishers can do this sort of thing. People need to be very guarded with their account information," said Jones. 

American State Bank wants to emphasize that it is not their policy to contact customers through text messages.

The Better Business Bureau
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