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Beating the Doctors' Odds with the Power of Prayer

When Anna McGregor was dealing with flu like symptoms and a sinus infection she never thought months later that blood work and a bone marrow biopsy would lead to Leukemia. It was her faith in God and the power of prayer that pulled Anna and her family through beating the doctors odds.

"It was kind of a shock for me your sitting there and you know something's wrong, but then to hear it I just kind of started to block every thing out around me and the doctor started giving me percentages. He said there'd be a 25% chance that I'd make it three years and a 20% chance I'd live four years," Anna said.

Anna McGregor and her husband Bryce were together when they heard the news, but they were not going to let the Leukemia take over their lives, instead they turned to God. "When I got home the pastor was just getting here too and a good friend of ours and we stood in a circle and prayed and we prayed from that moment on," Anna said.

Anna said she had things to take care of, including her two children Jacob and Jordan. The prayers of friends and family, even people they didn't know kept her strong.

"Within the first couple of weeks there was a time when I was really getting weak, I'd had some problems they couldn't find the source of and I was just tired and drained. And I remembered one morning I got Bryce up to go to work and he was in the shower and I remember looking out the window at the cross and I just started praying and I said 'God, I'm tired and I'm weak and if your going to take me, take me now, I don't want my kids to see me go through this.' And I was just saying like a mantra talking about God's love and how he comforts us and the next thing I know I opened my eyes and the nurse was looking at me, and I didn't realize I'd fallen asleep. And she said I looked so peaceful and there was color in my face, and it was two days later that I found out I was in remission so it just kinda tied together," said Anna.

Anna's hospital window faced a cross on the outside of the building, just another sign that God was with her and her prayers were being heard. "I'm just confident that God was there and he was taking care of us," said Bryce McGregor, Anna's husband.

"I believe God had a plan in mind when we went through this and to be here to share my story, I believe it strengthened our family, us as a couple and put us in perspective of what we need to do as a family," said Anna.

Today Anna is doing fine, six years after her diagnosis she says she is healthier than ever thanks to the grace of God and the power of prayer.

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