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Veterans Memorial Beginning to Take Shape

Dirt is being moved at Huneke Park off 82nd St. in preparation for the Veterans War Memorial. NewsChannel 11 visited the site on Sunday with a group of veterans who say the memorial will be quite impressive. It's a tribute that WWII veteran Tom Bourland believes is overdue.

"A lot of people have indicated that this should have been done years ago," says Bourland.

The dirt base for the Lubbock area Veterans War Memorial is now in place, and soon you will see concrete and eventually a memorial at this park. They're on target for the dedication next May, just seven months from now.

"If weather will work with us, we should be on target without too much trouble," says American Legion District 19 Commander Bob Bland.

On this rainy and drizzly Sunday, several veterans met us at the park to share their perspective on the significance of this memorial. For the past few years, James McCoy has traveled across the U.S. getting ideas for this memorial. From New York to Denver to L.A., McCoy says this one will be special.

"Other than the wall itself in Washington, of course, I'm prejudice, but I think Lubbock's will be the prettiest anywhere," says McCoy.

Another uniqueness about Lubbock's wall is that it's not war specific, and not branch specific. It honors any veteran from the Civil War to Desert Storm, as long as they've been honorably discharged. It's also for anyone from coast to coast. They don't have to live here or have to have lived here. If you're honorably discharged father or grandfather lives several states away, they can still be on this wall.

"Every brick that goes on that wall is a brick of honor, and that's one of the neat things about it. We have five generals so far, and they'll be mixed right in with the PFC's," says Legion 575 Chaplain Jerry Dickson.

So far, about 2,500 individual bricks have sold. This wall will be a work in progress even after it opens, which means as more requests for bricks come in, the wall will expand to honor all veterans.

VFW Post 575 says local participation and donations from area businesses have been outstanding. Here's the list of how you can be an active part of the wall:

  • Bricks - $125
  • Benches - $5,000
  • Lamp Posts - $2,500
  • Flag Pole - $2,500
  • Plaques - Prices Vary
  • Victory Circle Bricks - $500

To purchase an item for the memorial, or to make a donation, you can call (806) 794-9006.

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