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Wet Weather Worsens Cities Pothole Problems

When it rains, Lubbock city workers have to fix more pot holes, and the weather can either make a job that's easy or hard to do. In this case, workers had just two words to share about working in the rain: "wet" and "frustrating".

City workers James Padgett and Jerrell Miller have spent the entire day patching up pot holes. "There is no telling how many we'll get done. There are a lot of pot holes," said pot-hole patcher Jerrell Miller. They say it is one dangerous job to do when it is raining. But they say someone has got to do it. "Not only do we have to turn our back on the traffic, the cars sometimes slide up to us. But days like today, it's mostly getting wet," said Equipment Operator James Padgett.

And since the wet weather creates more pot holes around town, Miller says a more than usual amount of city street crews are out pounding the pavement. You will recognize the workers if you see them in yellow jackets. "It's to keep me dry from the rain and for the traffic. If I didn't wear this, I'd probably have to change clothes two to three times before the day was up," said Miller.

On a normal day, Miller says the city fills around 150 potholes. So if you see workers on the side of the road, especially when it is raining, try to avoid them as much as possible. They are trying to fix all the pot holes, so if you know of one that has not been fixed, call the city at (806) 775-2606 .

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