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Consider This... Your Turn to Support Leach

Over the past several weeks, we've been spectators in a real life drama playing out at Texas Tech. We got a glimpse into the business that is college football. Fortunately, our saga ended positively by keeping a winning coach on board to continue the momentum he's started at Texas Tech.

Last week, I suggested it may take the chancellor of the university and the football coach himself, getting together to work things out. This week, I am commending Chancellor Kent Hance for taking that 11th hour leadership role and getting a deal done.

Now both sides have agreed and Coach Mike Leach is moving on to the job at hand. And you can bet he has his work cut out for him.

So consider this, now it's your turn. You told me overwhelmingly in viewer e-mails that you wanted Coach Leach to stay. Now it's your job to support him and the Red Raiders.

So get your season tickets, show up to the games, and cheer the red and black on to another record breaking season!

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