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Leonard speaks after grand jury declines indictments against assault suspects

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - "In reality I wasn't that surprised, because I was put back before the same grand jury by the district attorney, and this is a grand jury who had already came to a decision," Lubbock City Councilman John Leonard said.  Leonard spoke with NewsChannel 11 just hours after a Lubbock County Grand Jury declined to indict the suspects accused of assaulting him for a second time.

In December, Leonard told police three men assaulted him at his now former apartment in southwest Lubbock. Leonard says he suffered a broken nose and broken facial bones. The case went before a grand jury on February 10th. Jury members chose not to indict the three suspects, but Leonard did not testify. He says the district attorney's office sent him a letter with the wrong date for when he was supposed to appear. District Attorney Matt Powell told us there was a miscommunication, and that's why Leonard testified Tuesday.

Since the grand jury did not indict the suspects, that means they did not feel there was enough evidence to move forward with a trial in this case. Leonard told us he doesn't resent the D.A.'s office, but he feels mistakes were made.

"I'm disappointed that, forget being a councilman, I'm disappointed that a citizen can be assaulted by three drunks on his front porch, at his residence on Christmas Eve, and I'll carry a reminder of this to my grave. I've got a titanium plate under my eye now, and so I'm disappointed that something like this could happen, that these three guys are free to walk the streets tonight and feel no consequence about the next time they get drunk, beat up somebody, and I don't know how any of our citizens could feel safe tonight after this happened today," Leonard said. 

The district attorney's office did not wish to comment on camera Tuesday.  They did tell us that grand jury deliberations are secret, so they, nor the jury members or Leonard could comment on why the grand jury did not indict.  Leonard tells us he now looks forward to putting this behind him.

Grand jury no bills Leonard assault suspects for second time
Tuesday evening a Lubbock County Grand Jury decided for a second time to no bill the suspects accused of aggravated assault against a Lubbock City Councilman.

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