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New study focuses on diet plans and actual weight loss

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Have you ever thought, "Someone should do a study on every diet out there and find the ones that work." Well, somebody at Harvard did that and the results are published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  It turns out that there is no magic answer, but one common solution count your calorie intake.  The study says the best way to keep off the pounds is simply to limit the amount of calories you put in your mouth, no matter what diet plan your on.

Study author, Dr. Frank Sacks of Harvard School of Public Health, says, "It's all about calories, it's energy in and if you take too much in your body, it is going to store it and that's what happens over the long run".  Howard J. Eisenson, M.D., Executive Director of the Duke University  Diet And Fitness Center, adds, "This study shows that people can be successful on any sort of plan, and I think it's important to take into account patient preference and to make them to feel comfortable".

The two-year study followed more than 800 overweight and obese adults ranging in ages from 30 to 70 and on all sorts of different diets. They consistently found that those who focused on reducing their calories shed pounds, regardless of what diet they were following.

The study added one other factor, finding that a good support system helps people try harder and eat less.

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