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TABC seizes & destroys approximately 7,000 containers of alcohol

WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBD) - The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) uncorked a problem in Wolfforth. Investigators discovered the owner of Kwick Food Mart sold alcohol to another Wolfforth retailer. While that's illegal in itself, agents say the drinks were unfit to be sold.

A dumpster outside the store was full of broken wine bottles and boxes Wednesday night.  The wine dripped and streamed away from the dumpster, pooling nearby, but TABC tells NewsChannel 11 that was only part of the 7,000 bottles they have to destroy.  The estimated cost of the alcohol is $200,000.

"Since the permit holder didn't take care of it, we came out to take care of it, because we don't want any more of it getting out and being sold to the public," TABC Sergeant Michael Lockhart said. 

Lockhart says fire tainted the bottles of alcohol. He tells us flames tore through the Kwick Food Mart on the Brownfield Highway in November, and that the flames and smoke could have contaminated the containers, creating a potential health hazard. That's why TABC ordered all the alcohol inside the store be destroyed. "Typically with a store like this, if they had it put in back it wouldn't be a big issue, but when it's still being sold it becomes more important," Lockhart said. 

Investigators say the store owner sold some of the potentially tainted alcohol to another beer and wine store in Wolfforth called Danny's. Investigators discovered the illegal sale around the New Year holiday. "We filed administrative charges on that," Lockhart said. 

NewsChannel 11 spoke with owner of Danny's, Danny Coronado, on Wednesday. He admits to buying the alcohol at a discount from the Kwick Food Mart owner, but said he did not know it was illegal. He told us he should have checked with TABC to make sure.

Now, investigators say they're trying to locate any other product that may have been sold to other retailers. "There may be one other issue that's out there pending, and we're working with the D.A.'s Office on that," Lockhart said.

TABC tells us they'll be back to destroy the rest of the Kwick Food Marts' alcohol on Thursday morning.

More Alcohol Vendors Means More Competition for Lubbock Area
Beer is now on sale in Wolfforth, and wine is scheduled to be available Tuesday.  For some, it may be quicker to drive to Wolfforth, but how do prices compare to "The Strip"?

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