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Food for Thought Report 2.26

Whether its vegan, vegetarian or you're just looking for some good healthy food - the Alternative Food Company at 2611 Boston is serving up perfection.

But if you're in the market to make your own meal - head to United Market Street. Six departments at the 3405 50th Street location were flawless in their latest health inspection.

If you're thinking outside the bun, Taco Bell at 6512 82nd street is our final top performer. They rolled through their inspection without a single critical violation.

There are seven shining stars at the top of this week's list of school inspections.

  • Iles Elementary
  • McWhorter Elementary
  • Ramirez Elementary
  • Tubbs Elementary
  • Wolffarth Elementary
  • O.L. Slaton Middle School
  • Lubbock High School

Now to the schools that each had one critical violation.

Food contact surfaces were dirty or broken at Harwell Elementary, Hodges Elementary and Parkway Elementary.

And at Bean Elementary an employee did not wash their hands before putting on a new pair of gloves.

According to all of the reports, the violations were corrected during the inspections.

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Food for Thought 2.26
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 2/26/09.

Church's Fried Chicken at 1702 50th is the only restaurant at the bottom this week.

Inspectors found seven critical violations at this repeat low performer.

  • Jalapeno poppers were thrown out because they were not at least 135 degrees.
  • There was no thermometer in a unit used to keep potentially hazardous foods at their safe cold temperature.
  • Employees' personal drinks were in the walk-in cooler. An employee prepared batter in a hand sink.
  • An employee handled a sandwich with their bare hands.
  • The spray wand was hanging below the flood lip at the sink - this could potentially contaminate the water supply.
  • Toxic items were near food contact surfaces.
  • The ice scoop was on top of the ice machine.

Management tells us, "All violations have been corrected." According to the report, most were corrected at the time of the inspection.

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