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Negative Political Attack Ads Are Effecting the Lubbock Vote

Election day is in one week. And as campaigns come to an end, it seems the governors race is only getting started.

"I'm really sick of those negative commercials," says one Lubbock voter.

"I'm ready for the election to be over," says another.

The ongoing jabs between Governor Perry and Democratic opponent Sanchez has become a story in and of itself. Each candidate launching negative attacks instead of discussing the issues. One ad links Sanchez and his Laredo bank to drug dealers who killed a DEA agent. The other casts Perry in a bad light during a traffic stop by a DPS trooper.

"Both of them are really bringing up dirt, I think it's unnecessary," says one woman.

"That just turns me off, it almost makes you not want to vote," says another voter.

The Lubbock citizens we talked to say it has come down to the lesser of two evils. "Both of them ought to be ashamed that they run those kind of ads."

And its the ads, that are making their decision difficult. "He's our governor yet he was badgering an officer because she had stopped a speeding vehicle, and the Sanchez thing he was providing financing for drug dealers so both of them are lawbreakers to me," says another voter.

The race for governor remains a close one, some say that is because of what they have spent campaigning. They have reached record-breaking numbers, spending $87-million between the two of them. Here is a breakdown, reports show Sanchez has poured a total $64-million into his campaign and Perry has spent more than $24-million.

By the way, last month NewsChannel 11 talked to Tony Sanchez about his plans for Texas if elected, and this Thursday we'll have a one on one interview with Governor Perry.

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