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Electric rates going up, Helping Hands ease burden

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For Lubbock residents paying your bills just got a little more expensive. 

City Council approved a hike in water rates on Thursday, so the average person's bill will go up about $20 a month. They also approved a base rate increase for Lubbock Power and Light, but the fuel cost surcharges are going down, so you will actually be saving money on your electric bill.

City officials say that with the two increases, the average household will pay about $4 more each month. There are options for people who have trouble paying their bills. LP&L offers a Helping Hand program where customers can voluntarily round their bill to the nearest dollar. The extra change will go into a fund to help underprivileged customers.

Next week, a City Council subcommittee will look into similar programs to help people pay water bills as well. "We're looking at a model to see if we can help those of our community that it's the hardest hardship on them. Those who are in the poverty level," says Councilwoman Linda DeLeon.

The Council also suggests possibly putting water services under the control of an independent operating board, like LP&L already is. They hope this might prevent what they call poor management and another massive rate hike in the future.  

Lubbock City Council approves rate changes
Anyone who uses water in Lubbock, your rates are going up. NewsChannel 11's Brittany Pieper breaks it down.

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