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A Card for Your Wallet Could Save Your Life

People who travel and have heart conditions can now rest easy thanks to a new innovation. A picture of your latest EKG can now be made small enough to fit in your wallet. One card carries a patients vital statistics, medical history as well as their most recent electrocardiogram, or EKG, all crucial information in an emergency.

"This is great help to doctors. He can look at this directly and compare it with an EKG that's done and see if there's any significant change," says Tom Legalley, M.D. a Cardiologist.

This new card is only available in a few hospitals. The cost of the heart healthy exam along with the EKG card is $20 and is not covered by insurance companies. But that is a small price to pay which could save you thousands in the future.

To find out more about this new EKG card, (click here). To find out if a hospital in your area participates in this program call Cardio Mark 1-805-927-9379. You can take a stress test and receive a EKG card for $20 at Covenant Life Style Centre.

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