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TAKS advice for parents

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Tuesday students across Texas will begin their own form of "TAKS" season by taking the first round of the state mandated TAKS test. Grades three through 11 will be taking the Reading, Writing, and English Language Arts portions of the test.

After months of preparation, most students are more than ready to take the TAKS test, but Sunday NewsChannel 11 had tips for the parents.

On a typical school night, Laura DeLeon makes sure her son Alex eats a good dinner and gets to bed at a decent hour, but Monday night's schedule will be a little more scripted for this Lubbock fifth grader.

"Before the test for sure he's always nervous and we just like to make sure he gets to bed early and gets a good night's sleep and then of course breakfast. Of course, a good breakfast is really important," DeLeon said.

Lubbock Independent School District Spokeswoman Nancy Sharp says the most important thing students need at this point is encouragement. "Another really important thing is that parents talk positively, encourage their students." she said, "The more stressed a student is by fear of failure, the worse they're going to do."

Grades three, four, and eight must pass the TAKS test to advance to the next grade, so with all the added pressure, DeLeon says she believes it is important her son keeps things in perspective.  "We try to make sure that even though he knows it's important to do well, you know, not to freak out about it because it is just a test and you know he does well all year long so don't freak out about one test," she said.

Along with getting to bed early and making it to school on time, Alex has his own plan for success. He plans to have oatmeal and toast for the perfect pre-test breakfast.

LISD provides more test taking tips for both parents and students on their website. You can access their website by (clicking here).  The site also has a schedule of the spring calendar so parents can know in advance to prepare their children.

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