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HealthWise at 5 From 11.1

  • Making a Baby With a Skin Cell?

It's a high tech dream that could someday be an answer to prayer for the estimated 6 million couples in the United States with fertility trouble. Scientists are working on a technique somewhat like cloning except this high tech laboratory procedure substitutes an adult skin cell for the sperm or the egg. Scientists use the cell's DNA to either fertilize the egg when the sperm can't do that or if the egg is deficient, the skin cell replaces the nucleus of the egg so that it can be fertilized.

The Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cornell University predicts the technique will be the next major breakthrough for childless couples, but other scientists are skeptical and say there are still too many hurles to overcome.

  • Hair Loss Breakthrough 

A new product developed to treat wounds is showing promise in fighting hair loss, especially in women. Researchers in Israel found that follicle nutrient serum or FNS stopped hair loss in 93% of study patients. FNS contains a specific combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It works by stimulating live hair follicles to return to the most active phase of the hair growth cycle. Hair loss effects as many as 30 million American women. For more information just ( click here).

  • No Sugar High

Cake, candy, and soda all foods many parents reluctantly give to their children. Now, Duke University researchers say the so-called sugar high that kids get from these types of foods is nothing but a myth. The experts found no evidence suggesting a child's diet containing sugar suffered any of the hyperactivity or mood swings typically associated with the sugar high. They conclude, any effect from sugary foods, like chocolate are probably a result from the amount of caffeine found in them.

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