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Beware of Botox

Since last spring, when Botox was approved for cosmetic use, there has been a growing trend in parties designed to promote Botox and give away free samples. We have not heard of that happening in Lubbock yet, but if you find yourself at a Botox party somewhere, you should know that it is not designed to be used outside a standard medical exam room because the injections needs the proper lighting and botox must be handled a certain way to be effective.

"Botox is not tupperware. You don't do botox like you would a tupperware party and yet there are a few that do that. It's a purified crystalline protein that comes in a vial that's been refrigerated. This little structure can come untwisted if the vial is shaken or if the vial is at room temperature," says Dwight Scarbrough, M.D. a Dermatologist.

Botox can effectively remove fine lines around the eyes and forehead if used every four to six months. But it does not work well around the mouth. Botox was FDA approved in 1989 for treatment of disorders including spastic muscle conditions in the face.

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