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Lubbock Man Fearing for his Life After Attempted Kidnapping

Lubbock police are searching for three men right now, following an overnight kidnapping. At around 1a.m.on Wednesday morning in the 1900 block of East Colgate, police say a Lubbock man was held at gunpoint then kidnapped. He was returned hours later, unharmed but tells NewsChannel 11 he is still scared for his safety.

18-year-old James Lee Bates said he went to a friends house to make a phone call and when he came out of the house, someone grabbed him from behind, threw him to the ground and beat him. Then at gunpoint Bates said the attackers forced him into a car.

Witnesses told police two black men in ski masks forced James Lee Bates into a dark blue Nissan Maxima. Police were able to determine Bates was taken against his will and started a search with other law enforcement agencies across West Texas for the vehicle.

Witnesses told police the suspects were screaming about money, before they drove away with Bates. Police found shell casings in the area, but at this point it's not clear who was firing or if they were aiming at a person.

"We were informed about 9a.m. he'd been released and was in good shape. He'd suffered a few minor injuries and we were able to speak with him and get some good information from that we were able to turn that information into arrest warrents. We do have arrest warrants in hand are are actively seeking these three individuals," said Sgt. Tony Gribben, an LPD Detective.

Bates didn't want to go on camera until the suspects are caught, he was scared for his safety when he found out these suspects had been following him for a few days. He did say the dispute was about money. Bates said the suspects took him out to the country with a gun to his head, then drove to Amarillo and back. Apparently looking for who ever stole their money.

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