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Golden glow could be tougher to get for teens

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Teens may soon have a harder time getting that golden glow. A new bill introduced in Austin aims to make tanning bed laws tougher.

The new bill introduced by Rep. Burt Solomons of Carrollton would ban anyone under 18 from visiting a tanning salon without a doctor's note specifying the number of visits. Current law requires children under 13 to have a physician's consent and anyone 15 or younger to have a parent present at the salon. And those 18 and under must have parental consent.

Lubbock Dermatologist Dr. Bryan Harris says the bill is impractical. "I don't think most doctors would sign something saying that. There are reasons people tan for dermatological conditions, but it'd be hard for a physician to put their name out on the line saying this is a good thing," says Dr. Harris.  

Joseph Levy, Vice President of International Smart Tan Network, also weighed in on the issue saying, "The indoor tanning industry has worked to educate people on the value of moderate tanning as a way to prevent a dangerous sunburn. Banning minors from tanning salons would lead them to tan more aggressively outdoors and put themselves at risk for sunburn," says Levy.

HB 1310 is in the committee phase right now and has not yet been voted on. For Your Cell Phone
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