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The Pumpkin Carver: Does It Work?

When you are carving your pumpkin this Halloween, put some power in your hands with The Power Pumpkin Carver. It is a dual action tool that can saw and drill. Now we just need a pumpkin to test it on and the 'Punkin' Patch on Frankford had lots for us to chose from.

Before getting started, we carefully put the saw on the drill until the blade clicked in place. Then added the saw guard like the instructions recommended. Punkin Patch worker, Kyla Hinkle gave the carver a whirl first, "It's fast," she said.

The instruction also say to insert the blade into the pumpkin until the saw guard touches the pumpkin. Kyla started sawing, and I asked 'how does it feel?" She replied, "easy, it's easy."

"There we go," Kyla said as we lifted the lid on the pumpkin. We cleaned out the insides, and Kyla drew the design she wanted to carve on the pumpkin. Then we switched out the blade to the drill, "you've got to be careful with that," Cecelia said.

While we drilled a hole, Kyla did something to the Power Pumpkin Carver. "When I was using the drill, the little piece that holds the knife broke off. So now we can't do the rest of the test because it's broke," Kyla said.

Good concept, but I wouldn't waste $10 on something that breaks that easily. It doesn't work.

The Pumpkin Carver is strictly a device children should not use, only because of the risk they might injure themselves badly.

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