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South Plains still in a drought and could be for months

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This time of year is known to be mild, dry and sometimes windy, but that combination adds up to our current situation, a widespread drought.

"For this time of year at this point we should see about a inch and a quarter of precipitation and as of right now we are standing about 8/10 of an inch so we are about 4/10 of a inch below normal," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Steve Cobb.   

That's good news compared to other parts of the state. Cobb says right now the main concern is the wild fire danger.  "Fires can get out of control easily and burning up a lot of land," said Cobb. Like the central Texas wild fires where many homes were destroyed over the weekend.

Fires can get started very quickly with the dangerous combination of warm temperatures and high winds. "You need to be careful with driving in tall grass even fires can begin that way there are a number of ways that a fire accidentally can occur and anytime that you have the environmental conditions that favor fire spread, those small fires can turn into something uncontrollable," said Cobb. 

NewsChannel 11's Meteorologist John Robison says it could take a lot to get us out of this drought. "To bring us out of a true drought you talk about extended amounts of rain maybe three or four inches and maybe in a few weeks another three inches and we need even more than that obviously for Lake Meredith to bring the levels up there," said John. 

But John says a little relief could be coming soon. "We'll cling to a very slight chance in Lubbock this weekend, said John.   

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