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Alcohol may increase the risk of cancer

It's been well documented that moderate alcohol has some heart benefits. But you may remember earlier this week we heard from researchers in the UK that there could be a catch 22 - that alcohol may increase the risk of cancer. Now, researchers in this country are more specific.

At Georgetown University, they analyzed studies of over 800,000 adults looking at the diet and environmental factors. They found women who had two or more drinks per day, and men who had three or more, had a slightly higher risk for pancreatic cancer.

It didn't matter what the alcohol was - beer, wine or liquor. What did matter was the size of the drinker. Apparently, the smaller the person, the greater the risk.

The researchers conducted a pooled analysis of the primary data from 14 prospective cohort studies. The study sample consisted of 862,664 individuals among whom 2,187 incident pancreatic cancer cases were identified.

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