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Maximum Sentence for Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault

On Thursday a Lubbock Jury sentenced a former math teacher in Odessa to 20 years in prison. On Wednesday the jury convicted 41-year-old Daniel Igo of having sex with one of his 15-year-old students. Now, Daniel Igo, is in the Lubbock County Jail following the sentencing.

It took the jury two hours to make their decision and when they came back, the jury of ten men and two women suggested the maximum punishment, 20 years in prison. Prosecutors say Igo coerced the 15-year-old girl into a Lubbock motel, and had sex with her.

In January of 2000, Daniel Igo brought of his students to a La Quinta Inn in Lubbock. He told the girl he needed help moving his grandparents, then he bought her alcohol, dinner and gifts before taking her to their room at the La Quinta.

The then 15-year-old, now 18-year-old Kellie Hall agreed to Igo's suggestions because she was scared after being sexually assaulted once before by her father, she turned him into the police when they returned to Odessa.

"My husband made a mistake by bringing her up here and not turning around and taking her back home but he didn't do this, I know he didn't. There are predators out there but then there are people like this that get accused wrongly," said Mary Igo, Daniel's wife.

Daniel Igo's wife and step daughter were appalled with the jury's decision, claiming they didn't hear all the evidence and should've sentenced him to probation. "I just think injustice has been done, he didn't deserve it, he was too trusting," said Peggy Igo, Daniel's mother.

"We're going to pray for him, and we're taking it all the way. I'll take it to the supreme court if I have to, I'm fighting everything I can for my husband," said Mary Igo.

The victim, Kellie Hall, is relieved the ordeal is over. "I'm glad it's over, I'm so glad it's over and I'm glad he got punished for what he did, you know manipulating me, you know at first I felt that it was my fault. No, he should've never asked me the question or looked at me that way."

Kellie says she was completely alienated by her friends and classmates, for telling on their favorite teacher, but she says she'd do it again. "I want other girls to know that if this does happen to them, not to give up hope or think it was their fault for saying yes, because I said yes, but it was not my fault, they should've never asked you," said Hall.

"Child abuse, child molestation, sexual assault are crimes that really must be taken seriously and their difficult crimes and difficult cases and this jury did a great job," said Prosecutor Jennifer Bassett.

Igo has 30 days to appeal this decision, but for now he's in the Lubbock County Jail. He will soon be transferred to Huntsville placed in a cell with other sex offenders.

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