Lubbock Computers- Ready to Keep You Online

Ninety-eight and one half minutes. That is amount of time per day that the average adult spends on the internet.  Over the past two decades, computers have grown to be an integral part of our lives and seem to be in every single home and office. Many people find themselves spending free time playing games, surfing our favorite websites and even downloading popular tunes.  Most of us are experts at routine functions like email and using the Internet. However, few of us have a clue about what to do when our computer starts running slowly or worse yet....gets a "virus."

As much as computers can be an asset, they can also be a source of frustration.  As software continues to develop and advance, it seems there are always issues with computers that need to be addressed.  Lubbock Computers is the answer to those issues.  Privately owned, Lubbock Computers is a computer service and sales company in Lubbock that is focused on both individuals and small businesses.  The experts at Lubbock Computers can give you help, tips and advice on how to use your computer system more effectively. We can help you to increase the memory on your computer, improve the performance and speed of your system, upgrade system compatibility, help with connection issues, and offer software compatibility solutions.  We can even help to get those annoying little pop-ups to quit appearing!

Bill Younts, owner of Lubbock Computers, is a proud twelve year military veteran, and started the computer repair business over 6 years ago after working for another local business in Lubbock for 5 years. Bill says that his team has the experience and knowledge available to confidently give you personalized and specialized service.  He also states that calls are always welcome and that they are happy to provide a free estimate anytime, at no charge.  They can also suggest a resolution to your problem, tell you what you need, what to expect and even recommend alternatives and options. Unlike other competitors here in town, Lubbock Computers will offer a flat fee quote. Others might charge per hour, and that could get quite costly.  Lubbock Computers cannot offer same day service because they specialize in quality, not rush service. The flat rate also takes away the risk associated with problems on your computer that may take a while to fix.  Lubbock Computers does not offer onsite service but does offer remote login service.  "For in store service we do not require you bring in the entire machine,  all we need the customer to bring in is the tower or hard-drive portion of your computer", says Bill. If bringing in a laptop, remember to bring in the power source cord, to save you a trip from going home to retrieve it.

Located centrally at 2712 50th Street, Lubbock Computers can offer the personalized service that big chains cannot.  Bill adds about his company's personalized service, "We care about our customers and won't place you on hold for the rest of the day."  Their website address is- and their site list some of the reasons why more and more Lubbockites are turning to Lubbock Computers for their repair and service needs.  The website explains what remote support is, the flat fee repairs, has coupons available, and can answer other questions that you may have.  Bill also wants to remind everyone to "Backup, Backup, and Backup, their files."  This is one of the most common problems they see.  "Almost every day, someone comes in for service and their hard drive has become unserviceable and they have never backed up their files and end up losing everything" Bill says.  You should also keep your computer currently updated with Microsoft Windows and have an active anti-malware program."  For additional tips contact Bill at (806) 687-5885.