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Senator Duncan wants your opinion on a smoke-free Texas

Robert Duncan Robert Duncan

LUBBOCK, TX - (KCBD) Should Texas be smoke-free in all public places, including restaurants and bars? Senator Robert Duncan wants to know what you think.

Just like last session, the Texas Legislature is looking at a state-wide smoking ban. He says the proposed legislation lawmakers are considering affects all Texans. "One of the things that has my interest is the enormous cost to all of us for treating diseases related to cigarette smoking. I'm not talking about Medicaid and Medicare, but I'm talking about the increase to insurance premiums that we all pay to subsidize the healthcare for those who have smoking related illnesses," says Duncan. 

Duncan says there are problems with this type of legislation and some very strongly oppose it. He says, last session he wasn't convinced it was the proper direction for Texas, but this year he is considering it very closely, but wants your input.

Click here to e-mail Duncan's office.

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