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Viewer Response to Consider This on Citizens Punished for Doing their Job

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I am of the opinion that the city staff need to forgo any raises and actually take a cut in pay, reduce their staff, be accountable to the tax payers & consumers, as well as, make every dollar go as far as we the tax payers & consumers are now doing then they would keep up with the financial condition of the utilities..  If they had to work within a budget and could not just raise taxes & water rates, then they would run a much more efficient operation.  Maybe then they would take their job seriously and work harder to manage the money they are trusted with by the tax payers & consumers.

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The reason water rates are going up is to finance the pipeline from lake Alan Henry to Lubbock, even though lubbock will only take 19000 acre/ft per year of water or less from Alan henry, which is a fraction of the amount required to sustain the city.  Alan Henry was billed as the water supply of lubbock's future when in fact it can barely supplement our current water supply.

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My husband and I totally agree with Dan!!!

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I feel that the staff at LP and L are very rude, inconsiderate and have a I don't care additude.  It is pitifull when a town the size of Lubbock has less customer service in reagrds to the water /sewer and garbage than a smaller one due to being either understaffed or poorly staffed.  You can wait for at least 30 minutes and up an hour on hold to talk to someone only to be hung up on or told very rudely that they cannot help you. I feel that they need to be audited because I know for sure they are wasteing money on people who are not doing the job hired to do.  If you need to speak to someone over customer service many times he is out if the office for a week or more.  If they need to raise these rates then they should have some extended hours at least one day a week for those of us who work 8-5 and prefer to get a reciept for our payment.  This is a big scam that the city has going for some reason.

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I agree with your Consider This editorial.  I'm surprised from everything I've read and heard that no one has even mentioned the two huge water main "leaks" that wasted thousands of gallons of our water last year - we get to pay for that too!

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I have just moved back to Lubbock about 6 months ago.  The first time i lived here i was kinda shell shocked about how larger city operations went.  this time i move back and see that some things have changed for the better, and some just dont change.  I for one support the lawmakers and law enforcement and city government, but when it comes down to were it is the people in the offices of that paticular department, it is just plain and simple, we the citizens of lubbock should not be responsible for the mistakes that the city has control over.  Either someone or a group of people need to be reprimanded or plain just dismissed, and the proposition of the water hikes should be dropped till we get this under hand.  It would be critical to the citizins of lubbock if the price hikes were to go up and the no one to be held accountable for the mistakes that led up to this fiasco.  It would be just purely detrimental to the citizens pocketbooks and public views toward the city leaders.  This is what it would eventually lead to,  you continue to do this and hold no one accountable,  you will have a break down in public support,  you will have less people turn out to vote when it comes time because of the fact that John Q public has lost faith in its city leaders, and then you will have just pure kaos straight across the board on every catagory untill this problem is fixed. 

Problems like this always start with the publics pocket books.  When the public has had enough, they always seem to succeed in the long run by either controlling the voting booths by electing someone that can take care of business, or just all out protesting the fact that they opposed the idea that is coming in too place.   it is a vicious cycle but some governments know how to control that and not by means of jacking up utility prices.  To me it seems that history is repeating it self, and undoubtedly it seems that it is going to take that to get it across to not only our city leaders but some of national leaders to get the point across about how things need to be handled in order to avoid public outbreaks or more importantly, and greater economic depression.

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Appears that the water department is looking for their own stimulus money...once again, at the taxpayer's expense.

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I am absolutely shocked and furious!!  This is going to hurt alot of us.  My husband and I are already cutting back on so many things and still having a hard time paying the this.............when does it ever end?!?!?!?.  This increase will definitely cause Lubbock to go brown.  I personally have not watered my property this winter and now at those prices it can all go brown this spring and summer.  The grass, the trees, no garden to help with groceries, etc, etc, etc, etc.  I am sure alot of people will let their yards go to dust also if this increase is allowed.  That in turn will only be more fire hazards.............This increase has to be stopped, somehow, someway.

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I am very upset also.  With the economy the way it is and many lower and middle income citizens are on a very tight budget.  Now we have another budget buster.  I conserve water as much as I can.  I also try to teach my school children about water conservation.  This is a slap in the face.  I feel there is no respect for the citizens of Lubbock in our city hall.  They are very egotistical to think they can do whatever they please, make very huge mistakes and then expect the citizens to just accept it.  I think they should pay for the water out of their own pockets, they might sing a different tune.

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its just another case where the taxpayer gets the shaft because some one didn't do their job. and it seems there is not much we can do about it. city hall needs to step up and

do what they were elected to do.

Consider This... Citizens Punished for Doing their Job
Lubbock residents did what they were told. So NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson wants to know, why the major surprise of a huge increase in our water bills?

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