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Food for Thought Report 3.5

LUBBOCK, TX - (KCBD) We find the first stop on the Food for Thought list nestled in a little corner in West Lubbock. But it's big taste you'll discover at Powell's BBQ at 7729 19th Street.

We continue with that smoky flavor, but add a little Hawaiian flare as we pull up to our next top performer. Aloha BBQ Grill at 9810 Indiana isn't your average BBQ joint - think teriyaki, pineapple and perfection.

Next on the plate, pretty much anything your mouth could imagine. Freedbirds World Burrito at 1201 University serves up a flawless inspection, and assistant general manage Drew Leppar says it's all about teamwork.

Our final stop slices through their inspection with zero critical violations. Papa Murphy's Pizza at 8205 Indiana tosses together the perfect recipe for take and bake perfection.

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Food for Thought 3.5
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 3/5/09.

Now for a look at the critical violations cited at this week's only low performer. Inspectors found 10 critical violations at Rise N Shine Donuts at 6302 Frankford Ave.

  • Croissant sandwiches were more than 20 degrees above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Kolachis were not at least 135 degrees.
  • Croissant sandwiches were thrown out after they did not reach the popper temperature when reheated in the microwave.
  • Hot dogs and cheese did not have an expiration date.
  • An employee washed a coffee pot in a hand sink - which posses the risk of cross contamination. An employee's uncovered drink was in a cooling unit.
  • Sugar had clumps and "unidentified" objects in it.
  • There was no backflow prevention device on sink. This helps protect the water supply from contamination.
  • Multiple unlabeled toxic items were above food contact surfaces.
  • No thermometer was available.
  • Several utensils and food contact surfaces were dirty.

We contacted Rise N Shine for a comment, but have yet to hear back from management. According to the report, most of the violations were corrected during the inspection.

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